Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Free PC Games Download
Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days free download full version, free games Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, pc game free download Experience their desperate and frantic fight to escape through the back streets and rooftops of Shanghai's gritty underworld. They can trust no one, not even each other, as the cracks begin to appear in Lynch's sanity and Kane's stability. It's kill or be killed. Kane & Lynch 2 will include three multiplayer modes: Fragile Alliance,
Cops & Robbers and Undercover Cop. Fragile Alliance is largely unchanged from the previous game -- a team of crooks pulls off a heist and makes its way back to the getaway vehicle. At any time, crooks can betray each other for extra loot, but in doing so they become traitors, which are fair game for the rest of the team. If you die, you spawn as a cop, giving you a one-life chance to enact some revenge. The mode boils down to pulling off the heist and waiting for a good time to murder your teammates in the back -- hoping somebody else doesn't betray you before you betray them -- so you can make off with all of the cash. There truly is no honor amongst thieves.

Undercover Cop has largely the same premise as Fragile Alliance, except each round one player is designated as the titular undercover cop. It's his job, strangely enough, to murder all of the criminals, but he can't pull the trigger until an actual crime is committed. Once the crooks steal the cash, then it's open season. Of course, once the undercover cop is discovered, his job becomes increasingly difficult to complete.

Finally, Cops & Robbers is essentially is Dog Days' version of Team Deathmatch. The team of criminals tries to make with a large (stolen) pile of cash to its getaway vehicle. The cops simply need to kill all of the criminals and secure the cash for themselves. Man, cops in Shanghai sure are corrupt. Pc game free download, free download full version, free games download, Free pc games download full version